The use of illegal and even legal substances can be a very dangerous thing if you don’t use them properly.  When it comes to taking foreign substances into our bodies, we need to do them correctly and under a doctor’s supervision.  If we don’t it can lead to the need of substance abuse treatment rosemead ca.

Don’t start

substance abuse treatment rosemead ca

The easiest thing to do is not start.  For some people this may be easier said than done, however.  Typical addiction occurs on different levels for different people.  First of all, if you have a medical procedure or are in an accident then you may be in need of a powerful pain killer.  Some people who have gone in for routine dental surgery and given a pain killer have been known to become addicted and moved on to harder drugs.

Have it monitored

If you do have to have pain killers or other substances, then you will want a third party to monitor and dispense them to you.  When you have someone monitor your substances then you can be assured that you are getting what you need and when.  Just make sure to use someone you can trust.


Talk to people about problems of if you feel that you are becoming addicted.  You should never feel shame about any problems that you have.  Addiction is a major problem that is felt by millions of people.  When you have a problem or just feel like talking then do so.  Build a support team or join a support group.

Find other outlets

If you feel that you are in need of the substance to make you feel better, then try to find another outlet.  There are many different things that you can do to clear your mind and occupy your time.  Chewing gum, playing cards or just getting out of the situation can do wonders for you.

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