Good oral health begins at a young age. That is why taking care of your children’s teeth is so important. When children learn early-on that proper dental care is important, it leads to lifelong oral health that protects their teeth and smile. How can you ensure your child takes the best possible care of their teeth and mouth?

Lead by Example

Parents are their children’s biggest role models. They listen and they watch and in turn, they learn. Be sure to get a good example for your child in every area of life. When you lead by example, kids learn so much more and have more encouragement to take care of their teeth and mouths. It is easy to make brushing and oral health fun when you lead by example. This helps kids of all ages.

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Twice Per Day Brushing

Children should brush their teeth two times per day to remove dirt, plaque, and other debris from the teeth. Brush first thing after waking up and again before bedtime. Each session should last for two minutes. Help small children brush their teeth to ensure cleanliness. Don’t forget to floss.

Food Wise Choices

Kids should eat a healthy diet that helps them grow big and strong. This type of diet helps kids maintain a beautiful, healthy smile as well. Void offering kids sugary sweet treats and drinks, which can ruin the enamel on the teeth. Opt for healthy food choices instead.

Visit the Dentist

Dentists take care of dental exams and cleaning, which can detect oral health problems before they become a problem. Cleaning also helps protect the teeth against problems like gingivitis and gum disease. Kids need two visits at the dentist per year. Find a good dentistry for children baldwin park ca office for best results.

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